WORKSHOP 25 juli

THE BIG INDIGO WORKSHOP _incl katazomeprinting! _ SUNDAY April 14 th


Time : Sunday April 14th , 12.30h-17.30h

Location: Blue Print Amsterdam Studio – Hoofdweg 6 -Lijnden

(reachable by tram from Amsterdam)

Costs: 109,95 euro

During this workshop we will take a full dip into indigo, more indepth than the short workshop.You can bring a tee or your own white sneakers to dye, and next to that dye or riceprint  and dye an item we have in the studio.

We will share our knowledge on history, plant & other nice indigo “stories”. Off course we teach you how to dye &  how the natural  indigo works. You will learn about the history and background of indigo, how to make a vat, and how to work with different materials. You will learn a variety of  Etajime & Shibori techniques,  And on top of that you will learn how KATAZOME works! The original Japanese dye technique where you will work with stencils or one of our screens to print with rice paste. When dried you can dye this.

This workshop will be given   by  Lola van Poelvoorde  she has been working as indigo apprentice for 1,5 year and , and has great knowledge of   indigo dyeing as well as  fashion design and screenprinting.

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